May 25, 2015

#Paradiseproblems: Centipedes

Following a random conversation questioning what centipedes eat today, this 8 inch monster decided to join us for dinner tonight. He continued to casually munch on a lizard as panicked ensued with Jus and I freaking out about how best to get rid of him. We settled on a large kitchen knife & a long wooden pole to pin him down, which seemed to work. [Obviously I had to pause to get a photo before we did anything.....I was pretty fascinated by all of this] 

Nothing like a visit from the spawn of the devil to remind you of the joys of living in paradise.

On another note, I'm pretty proud of J for handling the situation with more composure than he did the last time we faced a centipede together [it involved him running out of the room and waiting for me to get rid of it!]

*Warning: There are graphic, gross images in this post!

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