February 10, 2014

100 Happy Days

Recently I've been feeling too busy to blog. I swear I write this every 6 months or so, when I'm so behind on blogging that I start to feel overwhelmed. I tend to overthink my posts and photos, often feeling like I need to pay more attention to them before I consider them good enough to share. Luckily, the answer to my bloggy-rut came to me when I saw a friend of mine post about #100Happydays on Instagram. I took a closer look to see what the hashtag was about and figured it's exactly the kick in the butt I need to start posting and to stop overthinking.

I'd say I'm a very happy person and I think it's important to make a point of appreciating all that is great in my life on a daily basis. No matter how miserable or shitty my day has been, there's always something that makes me feel better, whether it's a yummy meal or sloppy kisses from a Labrador who's really excited to see you.

The 100 happy days challenge is about slowing down the pace and taking a snapshot of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days. Seems simple enough right? Yet, how often do we moan about what an awful day we've had? Or little time we have to do the things we enjoy? Unless you've had one of those truly "how could this get any worse" days, then I'd bet most of us have at least ONE thing we can be grateful for AND we have the time to stop and appreciate it.  Better yet, you can make someone else's day that much better by sharing your photo using the hashtag #100HappyDays on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 

Super scientific studies have shown that showing gratuity leads to feeling happier, and happier people leads to a better world altogether. 
So let's all hold hands, sing Kumbaya and share the things that make us happy on social media. You can follow my #happylou hashtag on Instagram and Twitter for the next 100 days :) 

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