December 20, 2013

New York | Day 2

My feet hurt just thinking about this crazy day in the City - It started with bagels and ended up with me taking my bra off on a bar (More on that later) Our day was centered around food and sights - the beautiful weather (9 degrees and sunny) kept us outside and on our feet the entire day! 

We started with breakfast at Murray's Bagels in Chelsea - hands down, the BEST cream cheese I've ever tasted (I had also never really had a bagel before this weekend) I'm not a huge fan of the bagel itself, but give me as much smoked salmon and cream cheese as possible. NOM! 

Off we went, ready to see what the Big Apple had to offer. As per my request, we stayed away from Museums and any other indoor attractions, simply because the weather was too beautiful to miss out on. I LOVE museums and would happily spend an entire, rainy day inside one of them, but not when time is of the essence. Here are some snaps from our wanderings, which include Grand Central Station and the Rockefeller Centre. J and I are both klutzy birds, so attempting to ice skate in front of a gazillion kids was not even an option for us.

Next up, a bike ride through Central Park! I hadn't been on a bike since Amsterdam and I was really up for giving my feet a break at this point. We did the full loop through the park, it was quite a sight with both of us balancing a camera and the handlebars. It was beautiful! I would love to pack a picnic next time and spend the entire day there soaking it all up on a warmer day.

Coffee breaks are the best, especially when you've been struggling on a bike for 2 hours. We stopped at Le Pain Quotidien on the corner of 58th St & 7th Ave for delicious coffee and nibbles. 

Recharged and ready to roll, we casually strolled from the coffee shop to Times Square. At the time, it seemed like a stone's throw away....but it most certainly was not. I think my feet were numb at this point anyway though and I was like a moth attracted to the bright lights :)

Anyone who's ever witnessed Times Square will know what I mean when I say it's Cartoon Network on acid. There is SO much to take in around you at once! I had trouble focussing on what to take photos of and walked away from there feeling a bit loopy. I thought Asia was crazy, but this takes the cake.
Never. Again.

We hopped in a cab and headed back to the meat packing district, dumped our bags and walked over to Chelsea Market to have a paroozle before our dinner reservation. I only wish we had more time in the city, especially in places like Chelsea Market that have so many hidden shops, eateries and corridors. I especially loved the design and vintage market, Artists & Fleas, where J picked out this cute little bag by Pamela Barsky for my art supplies:

Next up: A dinner treat from J's siblings at Colicchio & Sons with the homeboy. We started off with a drink at the bar, and for the beer fans amongst you, they have a very impressive selection of beers; including a variety of local microbrewery brands.  The food was so good I didn't think to take photos, especially after snapping away the entire day. I had the best chicken dish I've ever eaten: Breast wrapped in prosciutto with a creamy truffle was heaven on a plate and could have eaten it three times over. This restaurant is romantic and sophisticated without being extortionate and I'd recommend it any day. Thanks Relly & Max :)

After a lovely meal and way too many drinks, we though it would be a great idea to venture in to a bar called "Hogs & Heifers" on the corner of 859 Washington St. Not sure whether the name, the big biker bouncer, the smell of stale beer or 90's rock music gave it away, but as soon as we walked in I knew this was about to get messy...

The bar is similar to that of Coyote Ugly; hot bartenders scantily clad in leather pants and bikini tops, singing, hootin' and howlin' at the yuppies who harass them. The walls are covered in tacky 'biker style' deco - moose heads, old posters and discarded road signs. Every hour or so, the girls would hop on the bar and start line dancing, What sets it apart to any other southern rock-n-roll dive bar though, is the enormous beehive of bras above the bar. Apparently, a girl lost a bet many years ago and was forced to take off her bra and fling it up to the stags head above the bar. She did, and it started a pretty naughty tradition that became the trademark theme of Hogs & Heifers, leading to countless celebrities dancing on the bar and donating their bras. Apparently there are 18,000 bras piled up on there, each one with a unique story. The girls were super friendly, and I couldn't tell if they liked me or J more....either way, it got us a few free shots. Midnight hit, and it was officially my birthday. The bartenders were equally as excited about this and got us more shots...and more, and more.

Then one of them convinced me to dance on the bar with her (much J's dismay - I think he was convinced I would fall off) and eventually took of my bra as well (much to his delight). The entire bar applauded as I did this, and I could feel my cheeks burning. Luckily, I didn't miss when I threw it and it's now safely perched on top of the hive.

I finally jumped off the bar laughing hysterically, only to be reminded by J that I was in fact wearing a sheer white top with no bra. Oops.
Clearly it was time to go home. 

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