September 20, 2013

A few of my Friday faves: Bloggers

Since my blog is a bit messy at the moment, I decided to make use of the empty space to highlight some of my favourite lady bloggers. I'm probably bias because I know these girls in real life too but I'm all about sharing the love and the bloggy talent. These girls are pretty awesome and their personalities shine through online. Hop on over to their corners of the internet for something fun and interesting:

Sheena  is one of my dear friends and a newbie blogger. She's been tinkering with the idea of starting a food blog and thankfully, she finally launched it this week! She's all about food and fun in the sun and I know her blog has some great things in store for us. Head on over and give her some love. 

Mikaela @ Musings of a Tilapia:

Mikaela's posts are as enlightening and intellectual as they are engaging. Her great writing style makes for an easy read on topics near and dear to her heart; public health (sexual health in particular), travel and social issues. She's constantly coming up with cool things to talk about and I'm always excited to click on new posts that pop up on my news feed.

I lived with this quirky Trinidadian during our studies at Leeds University, and I really like that her 'Trini'ness is evident throughout her blog. Ceola explores everything from food, to culture, fashion and current events in Trinidad and Tobago. She makes me want to hop on a plane every time she mentions another 'pop up' creative event or cool designer who she's discovered.

I stumbled across Setarra's blog a couple of years ago and have kept up with her shenanigans ever since. She's sincere and frank about her feelings and experiences, with a great sense of humour. We met in person at the beginning of this year when she came to Barbados with her boyfriend Charles and it reinforced my gut feelings that this girl was for real and that we'll be 'real' friends too. 

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