July 27, 2013

Turtle Hatchlings

We started the weekend off on a high note yesterday, after witnessing 103 Hawksbill turtle hatchlings being released on Accra beach. Events like this make me feel so lucky to live on a a little slice of paradise.
The Barbados Sea Turtle Project had posted an open invitation to attend this event and it spread like wildfire on Facebook. There was a pretty big turn out and it's great to see so many young kids appreciating this endangered species. 
Everyone was asked to stand in a semi circle around the 'release line' and to watch from a distance, so that the little ones could safely sprint in to the sea. Once they reached the water they bobbed around and ploughed on through the shore break; the image of these tiny black specks swimming off in to the sunset to start a new life was quite the sight to behold. 
I've seen turtles hatch more times than I can remember but it's still such an amazing experience and I'm pretty sure I was shrieking more than the 5 year olds standing next to me. Check out the Barbados Sea Turtle Project page to see when you can join in on the fun!

{via The Barbados Sea Turtle Project}


  1. I love these pictures. What an incredible event to witness.
    Saying hello from Friends Around the World blog hop!

  2. Also dropping in from the Friends Around the World linkup, how awesome to witness this scene! I'm currently back in SC after living in France, and it is rare to see turtle tracks, much less watch turtle hatchlings return to the ocean... Good luck with your blog remodel, I look forward to seeing the new look! xo