February 1, 2013

On becoming a veggie

Today marks my first month as a pescetarian.
I'm wary about flippantly declaring myself a vegetarian because I still eat seafood and shellfish. 
"I'm vegetarian, but I still eat fish" does not go down well with those who actually cut out everything.
Gotta get it right and I just tell people that I don't eat meat anymore.
I decided to give up meat for various reasons, the most obvious being that I don't get excited about a juicy, red steak on my plate. I don't get cravings and I started feeling guilty about what I was eating. I pictured little chickens in my head as I chowed down on a curry and felt disgusted by the meat industry. Sounds silly, but I just felt like I needed to give it up to feel better about the food I was eating and the choices I was making.
It seemed simple enough to decide that this year was going to be meat-free. My family and friends have reacted as I expected; they don't think it will last, they think I'm a bit crazy and a lot of eye rolling ensues when I tell them I've stopped eating meat.  My annoying brothers are also taking the piss on a daily basis, blaming daily mishaps on being a veggie. 
"You lost your keys again? You memory is failing you, you need a steak."
Josh and I went to our local fast-food joint 'Chefette' the other day and as I bit into my first veggie burger, I squealed with delight.
"This is so good!"
"Yea, that's cus you took my burger by accident. It's beef."

My only issue with this change in diet is the fact that I'm now 'one of those picky eaters' to a certain degree. I get really annoyed by people who are finicky with food and I pride myself on being able (and willing) to eat any and everything. The solution to this is to simply take the meat out of my meal; picking pepperoni off of a slice of pizza, digging through my stepdad's pasta dish to take out bacon bits and settling for the veggie option squished between meat on a shish kebab. Everyone around me eats meat and I don't want to make this a big deal. 
I imagine the real challenges will come once I start travelling and have to look for vegetarian options though. If anything, it will just force me to be more creative with my meals :) Thankfully there's Pinterest and a gazillion veggie blogs out there to keep me inspired.

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