January 3, 2013

Post Christmas catch up

I had my little rant about Philips on here but I feel the need to give a wee update on a few other things.Aside from Philips, I also started to feel really disconnected from a few projects that I wanted to get involved with here in Barbados and I decided to move back home for the time being so that I can really commit to them fully. 
My thesis was the main one, since I decided to focus on youth participation in small island politics. Though it sounds like a lost cause to most (and trust me, I’ve had my fair share of eyes rolling when I tell them what I’m researching) I do think that there are enough people who do actually care for positive change to take place. My thesis will focus on social media as a political platform and how this can promote a two way flow of communication (such as how Twitter is a very effective tool in allowing people to connect to politicians and government officials on a less intimidating level) I think young people are tired of being ‘spoken at’ here,want to make their voices heard and be taken more seriously. I’ll be interviewing young people and politicians, with the ultimate goal being an interview with the Prime Minister himself (Whoever that may be by next month as the election date is Feb 21st) That’s just one example but I don’t want to bore you too much with this....The crux of it is: How can social media help young people in Barbados become more engaged and interested in civic participation? (If Obama can do it, we can too!) Anyway, enough of that.

Another ‘baby’ of mine is Team246, a group of Barbadians that have come together with the help of some pretty amazing girls. We’re hoping to get this team of 15 people to the next One Young World summit in South Africa, knowing full well that this sounds ludicrous and that we’re going to have to raise a quarter-of-a-million dollars in order to do so. But whatever, everything seems impossible until it’s done, right? So far we have a great group working together to make it happen and we’ll be harassing all of you for your support once we get our online campaign up and running. It’s been stressful, a bit chaotic and quite draining but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Connecting with such a strong group of individuals really gives me such a rush and I feel more inspired by them every day. Stay tuned....

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