December 18, 2012

5 travel tips for a better flight

Here 5 travel tips that will make your journey that much easier and more enjoyable, based on personal experience:

  • Pack light
Seems obvious and yet I rarely travel light. That is, until I'm faced with the dire reality of limited baggage allowance on Ryanair. You'd be surprised at what a girl can fit into a regular Longchamp...Also, they rarely make you weigh your handbag, so you can sneak a few heavier items in there. Walking through the airport with a small bag is a breeze and you're never caught in one of those awkward moments when you look like a clumsy loser lugging an overstuffed suitcase up a flight of stairs (Or is that just me?)
  • Pre-order vegetarian food on flights
I'm a borderline veggie so I usually felt ill after eating the meat served on flights. The solution to the age old airplane food conundrum is simple: pre order vegetarian, kosher or halal food on long haul flights. Extra care is usually taken to prepare these meals because of the risk of food allergies and lawsuits and you can usually tell. It's still not home style cooking by any means but at least you're not chewing on an unidentifiable piece of plastic.
  • Get drunk in style
A small bottle of wine with dinner or a few beers to help you relax are pretty standard but it really irks me to be stuck next to an obnoxious, stinky drunkard who forgot that having a tipple at 30,000 ft is not the same as having one-too-many at home in the pub. 
  • Bring a blow up neck pillow
No neck cramp, you can sleep anywhere and it takes up less space than the standard beanie ones. You'll thank me for this one day. Unless you travel with someone like Christina who makes sure to move your pillow everrrr so slightly so that you end up snoring and drooling on a stranger's shoulder.
  • Dress properly
This can mean a lot of things but I'm narrowing it down to 2 tips: Dress smartly and practically. Smartly because you're more likely to get an upgrade if you're wearing something decent which will make it seem like you were planning to sit in 1st Class anyway. Fact: Most airline staff would admit that an upgrade is based on appearance and attitude before anything else. 

Secondly, nobody likes to go through security, far less to be stuck behind an idiot who wore boots, a thick belt and a gazillion pieces of jewellery to travel. Yes, we're judging you silently because you had to get scanned 3 times before informing security of your genital piercing (Seriously?!) Wear flats and get your shit together before you reach security and make everyone's day run a bit smoother. 

Any other tips you'd like to share?


  1. Bahahaha! Did you really stand behind someone like that while waiting to go through the metal detector??? Priceless lol!

  2. Agree x 5!!! These are all so important... especially the neck pillow... it took me awhile to catch on to that one ;)


  3. Love these. All rules I try to follow (the hardest is the 'pack light' bit). I try to colour coordinate my clothing and pack by outfit, so I only need to take one pair of shoes and one standard set of jewellery to match. Flats almost always trump heels, unless I plan on going out clubbing (which I never do)