September 11, 2012

6 photos that shouldn't be on Facebook

I don't know when or how this happened but the fact that I don't really blink an eye at some of these things on my news feed is kind of weird:

The self portrait of a 16 year old with massive cleavage, caked in make-up in front of a web cam? No big deal. 

Same goes for the album of my friend in a bikini (200+ photos of, I kid you not) 

Or way-too-many-post- work-out-shots at the gym.
 Or, better yet, the photo of someone puking. 
Sharing is caring folks, especially now in the voyeuristic, digital age of the 21st century but there are limits.
 Imagine trying to explain this to your grandparents: "well, you see, it's the norm now gramps, everyone shares photos of the placenta as soon as the baby's out" No lie, I have seen this. It's gross, weird and OTT and the fact that we wouldn't readily share some of these photos in reality is indication enough that we shouldn't be sharing them online. 
We get so caught up and overwhelmed with images everywhere on a daily basis that our perception of what's "normal" has changed.
Besides that, many of us are naive about who can see what online. Forget trolls & stalkers, I'm talking employers and recruiters; there are ample ways to find out about a potential job candidate who shares too much online or doesn't keep their profile as secure as possible. 
(Aforementioned girl in bikini is screwed)
Somewhere along the line someone figured it was OK to start posting the following types of photos and share them with our 1000+ friends on the internet:
{I was very tempted to use ACTUAL photos of people I know but I figured I'd somehow find myself in hot water even if I blurred the faces so I'll leave it to these celebrities to get the point across}

Drugged out photos

It surprises me how many of my friends post those pink eyed, spaced out shots of them at a festival, concert or a pool party with little concern for the fact that it's really obvious they've taken something. I'm not judging on the drug use but at least wear really dark shades to make it look a little more badass or don't post pics of you smoking/snorting/shooting/swallowing.


I love the love peeps, but please don't litter my newsfeed with a whole album of "us" kissing and macking out {Yes, mAcking out, far worse than making out} - save that for the wedding album.

Bathroom mirror shots

 I have an issue with this, perhaps because most of my friends missed the Twitter boat but I'm still a fan of candid photos & less obvious posing. 
Bikini photo of a girl having a good time in a suitable environment: cool. 
Bikini photo of a girl in a bathroom by herself with poor lighting: wtf? 
We can see that you have a nice body but for pete's sake, go have some fun.


The only excuse I can think of for a selfie is a travel photo. I've seen lone travelers struggle to get a shot of themselves in a beautiful place and my heart goes out to them but I also question why they don't bring a small tripod. Perhaps everyone needs said tripod to avoid those horrible arm-awkwardly-extended shots which often fail to capture the essence of anything, far less a flattering photo of anyone. Be creative and place the camera at a safe distance for everyone's sake.

Drunken/pukey/end-up-in-a-bush photos

 I've had to remove albums since graduating university in England because I realised that no one was benefiting from the disgusting photos of our drunken escapades in Tiger Tiger. Sure, we were in fits of giggles the next day looking through the evidence of our wild times but I'm not sure that my parents or potential employers would appreciate the humour. Definitely a 'guess you had to be there' series of shots.

Duck face

Enough said.


  1. LOL I luv this!! Peeps should use some discretion. It even worse on Instagram now with some Celebs' ie.the @badgyalriri @KimKardashian etc.

    Modesty, not sayin i'm not guilty as well but they take it to another level.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! I guess everyone is just attention-hungry these days. It's pathetic and sad.

  3. HAHAHA! Too true. I think half of the people on my fb friends list need to take a look at this!

  4. I totally agree with you here, the fact that employers are beginning to regularly check Facebook profiles of potential employees should be a sign to keep things off the internet! xx