August 11, 2012

Bussin' it like a boss

I’ve rambled about this before on here but one of the greatest/only luxuries I have as a student is time. I bussed my butt to and from London in May for the first time and swore I’d never do it again after my nightmare journey. (I've had worse, however)
Yet I found myself squished in a seat yet again on my way to the big smoke two weeks ago to see some of my best friends and to soak up some of the Olympic atmosphere. I kept having to remind myself of the light at the end of the tunnel as 3 Gambian children shrieked and shouted in front of me at 1am, climbing over the seats and playing tag between the passengers. Their mother made more noise trying to tell them to be quiet. At least they didn’t smell as bad as the strange Latvian guy behind me…

Nothing compares to some of the Asian bus journeys we endured....

11 hours, a gazillion miles, 3 stops and 4 countries later I stumbled into Christina’s house in London, mumbling hellos as I climbed into bed for a much needed cat nap at 6am.
I thought I’d mention this because as much fun as it sounds when I tell people that I’m ‘popping’ over to London for the weekend, I’m limited in my mode of transport. Last minute plane tickets are often way over my budget and the bus costs a fraction of the price. These bargains 'come at a price' though and to say it’s unpleasant is an understatement. For now, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make and all of the hassle, stress & discomfort of travel seems worth the adventure and experiences that come with it.

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