July 3, 2012

UnDutchable: No carbs in the country of carbs

The Dutch love their carbs - they consume endless sandwiches throughout the day and have a hearty dinner which usually includes some variation of potatoes or pasta. I'd say dairy + carbs are Dutch dietary staples, which combined with an active lifestyle {bike riding + hockey or some other sport} equates to a healthy, slim and pretty good looking society on the whole 
{Damn you Dutchies!}

This isn't ideal when you're trying to diet; especially after getting the shock of your life when trying on bikinis in H&M {to the point where I couldn't even blame it on the bad lighting}. 
I've never really dieted before, thanks to pure laziness, being quite slim naturally and a bit of a pig when it comes to food. I'd eat anything without thinking of calories or my weight and since being in Holland, I've only had to consider cutting out dairy products due to a skin allergy. However, with summer looming in the distance {I say this because it doesn't quite feel like summer yet} I figured it would be a good way to get ready to bare all should I manage to organize a holiday {And Nottinghill Carnival at the end of August!}

{If all fails I'll just wear the flag}
 Unfortunately, when I took on the challenge of cutting out carbs for 30 days with my housemate Mary I didn't really consider the fact that I'd be tempted by carbs in every shape and form wherever I go in this country:

Fried goodness {FEBO!}
Delicious breads {+quick'n'easy sandwiches}

It's been pretty hell and it's only been a week. This is what I'm faced with every time I go to open the fridge:

Diets suck.


  1. Diets do suck! Good luck!

  2. Love your blog, really fun content and great images :)