July 1, 2012

Sunday Snapshots* (& a tiny confession)

I finally joined the instagram army!!!! WOOOHOOO!! I've been loving my new toy so far and will probably bore my followers sick with over edited photos of life in Amsterdam BUT STILL! It's just so much fun! 
Here's my collection of Sunday snaps from this last week:

1. Summer is starting to show her sunny face here in Amsterdam; flowers are in bloom! 2. Summer means sitting on terraces along the canals 3. Vintage Dutch tiles 4. Rockin' baby shoes {For a boy at that!} 5. Vintage car in my street 6. Cute neighbourhood watch 7. Rooftop party 8. An independent brewery {in a windmill!} 9. Truth 10. Enjoying the sunshine and my bright blue shoes 11. Chilling on the rooftop and barbecuing.

ps: I have a confession to make: This last week, I may possibly have been supporting Germany as soon as Holland was out of the question {eek! A dangerous thing to say in this country!} We made plans to hop across the border with these aforementioned Germans to watch the football final and I was really hoping they would make it just to be able to party, drink beer, soak up the atmosphere, see a new city and chillax with some of my favourite Germans...That's fair right? {Maybe you have to be Dutch to understand the severity of this confession}


  1. I just discovered that you post on twitter and Facebook via instragam in one push! Amazing :) Lovely photos - vintage just makes everything sweet to remember ;)

  2. Hahaha, YES!!! GO GERMANY!!!!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the windmill! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Love Instagram! My favorite way to grab pics on the go. I'm following you now :)

    Jamie @ www.mamamommymom.com

  5. loving your photos SO much! off to follow you on instagram. :) Thanks for linking up with the simple things this week! Rebecca

  6. These are all so FUN!
    Well done :)