July 10, 2012

Can't wait for Carnivallllll Part 1 | j'ouvert*

I've only just noticed that carnival has never gotten the proper mention it deserves on here. I didn't post about Nottinghill Carnival or Kadooment last year, probably because I was a bit too embarrassed to put up half naked/drunken photos of us on the blog. Luckily, I've grown out of that. 
I'm not going home this summer and am missing out on our local Kadooment in Barbados as a result, so I'm even more excited to be 'jumping' Nottinghill Carnival in London at the end of August. Over a million people turn out to watch the procession as revellers in eeny teeny beaded bikinis bounce, dance, gyrate and go crazy on the streets! It's about as West Indian as you can get! I think Nottinghill is also one of the biggest street festivals in the world after carnival in Brazil.

It's officially a two day shabang - j'ouvert is on the Sunday and is traditionally a 'mud mass' but now usually includes paint and cocoa powder as well. We did this last year for the first time and had an absolute blast - even if we looked like we'd survived a paint massacre by the end of it! We signed up with the Trini Posse UK band and got our t-shirts the day before. That night the girls got together, drank lots of wine and tried to be as creative as possible with old white t-shirts. We slapped on some UV paint as we got ready the next morning and this was the end result:

Nottinghill J'ouvert was a mini version of the carnival itself; not nearly as many people showed up and a group of about 70 of us went crazy in our band. We eventually gelled together with hundreds of revellers in other bands. Perhaps you have to be West Indian to fully understand the sort of behaviour I'm talking about....anything goes! The wilder the better.
Lots of rumpunch was consumed, paint splattered and 6.30's attempted.

Needless to say, we were pooped after our warm up to Carnival the following day and my hair looked like cotton candy on steroids because of all the paint!
{Though it was a lot less messy than the j'ouvert we experience at home...but that's another story!}

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  1. Ahhh FUN!!! Come to Toronto for Carnival one year. I have to come to the UK some day to experience the madness. Check my blog out I have pics of what my costume will look like. Excited, about three weeks!

    Have a good week!!