May 31, 2012

{RECIPE} Classic Rum Punch

Tonight we're celebrating my boyfriend's birthday with a Caribbean themed dinner {I can't quite express how excited I am for some jerk chicken and plantain!} and I'm bringing along some jugs of homemade rum punch. I'd mentioned this recipe once before but my friend Diana over at 'Jar of Life' posted such a well presented version that I asked to repost: 

"I swear by this rum punch recipe (and my mum swears by it too) because it is simple, easy and foolproof!

The best part of the recipe is that the recipe itself rhymes which makes it easy to remember.


1 part SOUR
2 parts SWEET
3 parts STRONG
4 parts WEAK


First you will need a jug and to do some math 
Now for the math: if you add all the "parts" up you will get 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 parts in total

In my case: I used an old 1.75 L rum bottle as my jug
I went to a converter online and found out that 1.75 L equals just under 8 cups
8 cups divided by 10 is 0.8 cups (so not quite a cup — is how I will measure each part)

So now for the recipe...
1 part SOUR — I use lime juice (freshly squeezed when I have enough limes and time but mostly just store bought) but you could use lemon juice.

2 parts SWEET — I used Muscovado Barbadian sugar
I made it into a simple syrup by adding it to two parts water (WEAK) putting it all in a saucepan over a medium heat. Stir occasionally until dissolved.

3 parts STRONG — I used Old Brigand rum but any rum should work well here (I don't like the idea of white rum though). Add the rum (most crucial element) to your jug.

Once the syrup is finished and cooled, add it to your jug.

Add the remaining 2 parts of WEAK (I use water but some people use fruit juice (I find juice can make it too sweet) or sparkling water).

Then give the jug a stir or in my case (since mine was made in a bottle with a cap) — I gave it a good ole shake.

Pour it into a glass filled with lots of ice and top it with fresh grated nutmeg (very necessary).

A splash of Angostura bitters would also be an amazing touch (alas I did not have any).

Thanks for the recipe Di! 

Hope one of you gives this a try - it's the most amazing summer drink! :)


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