May 9, 2012

London's Calling


I'm off to the big smoke today to indulge in two weeks of British bliss. Bring on best friends, the boy, family, cider, museums, crazy parties and general London debauchery. On Saturday a big group of us are attending Rugby Sevens at Twickenham - a great excuse to drink, party and dress up in the theme of the match (and maybe catch a bit of rugby). Last year we dressed as sailors in keeping with the 'beach' theme: 

This year it's 80's disco and my group has decided to do '80's aerobics' instead  - complete with neon spandex and big hair...

Anything goes in London and I'm super excited! :)



  1. I'm doing donuts at Twickenham on Saturday! When you walk to the stadium from the station, make sure to stop at the house of the right side of the road that's selling donuts - I'll be there! It would be SO FUN to see you!

  2. 80's aerobics sounds so fun! I LOVE IT! My girlfriend did that 2 years ago and she wore leggings, legwarmers, headband and a 1 piece thong leotard! It was awesome!