April 13, 2012

Paris | Part 2

After lots of wine and catching up the night before, Chris and I set off to wander the city. Chris has been to Paris a million times because her uncle Dominic lives here and really didn't want to do the typical 'touristy' stuff again, yet somehow I managed to convince her to make a stop at Trocadero to take some fun shots in front of the tower.

Chris was quite set on visiting Muse d'Orsay but when we saw the queue outside I nearly had a conniption. I'm a poor excuse for a tourist; I HATE waiting in line for anything, far less when I have limited time in a particular place. Of course there are 'must sees' but it just seems like such a waste of time to stand in a line for 4 hours when you only have a few days! After convincing Chris that she could go there another time we visited Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, taking in the tourists and Rihanna blasting from the street performer's boom box. I still get so excited when I hear RiRi in seemingly 'random' places and can't get over the fact that everyone knows this little hottie from Barbados. The street performer made everyone gasp (and others blush) with his 'sexy' moves and crazy football stunts at the top of a lamp post. We then wandered around Montmarte and moaned that the area was overpriced, touristy and quite tacky as we sipped our 5 euro coffees.
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  1. Omg! I'm loving all these Paris photos and especially loving my special birthday card. I'm super duper blessed to have you two as friends <3