April 1, 2012

Geeky giggles: April Fool's

Google is notorious for playing virtual practical jokes (some people will believe anything) so April Fool's day is like Christmas for the techies in Silicon Valley. Here's a few of my favourite jokes that have been picked up so far today (would love to hear of anyone who's fallen victim to them) This post may have a Part 2 as more jokes roll out today:

Today, we’re happy to announce that Google has found an innovative way to capture a special collection of images from the back of beyond to include in Google Street View. Over the next four weeks, more than a thousand Big Red kangaroos will be equipped with a 360-degree head camera that will automatically capture images when the marsupial is on the move during daylight hours.

Chrome extension that allows potential customers to instantly teleport to a business location directly from a search ad. 


We’ve been alpha testing Jargon-Bot internally for the past 6 months, and the results have been dramatic: a 10X increase in employee productivity, a 35.4% increase in worker productivity, and IM conversations that are 90% shorter. Best of all, meetings which are normally an hour long, now average just 17 minutes because people actually understand each other.

4.Google Really Advanced Search

This goes beyond anything mere Advanced Search can do, bringing options like “rhyming slang for” and the “this exact word or phrase, whose sum of unicode code points is a mersenne prime.” How we lived without the latter for this long I have no idea. Really Advanced Search even lets you filter by “embarrassing grammatical faux pas” and font.

5. Google Multi-Task Mode

Lets you browse the web with multiple cursors at the same time! Genius. Now you can get more done faster in what Google is calling the “ambinavigation” revolution.