February 20, 2012

Manic Monday: Move to the beat of London 2012

You know those Monday mornings when you wake up feeling like this:


Or this


And all you want to do is this?


Well we all get that 'Please-let-today-be-cancelled' feeling on Monday mornings BUT here's a little pick me up...
The London Summer Olympics are just around the corner and what's a better way to get everyone in a good mood than an inspirational Coca Cola ad? My final Master's thesis involves the London Summer Olympics so I was quite excited to see this new dance track ad with Mark Ronson and Katy B created using the sounds of sport from 5 Olympic hopefuls. It's been a long time coming and now it's just around the corner!

This is the 60 second version of the ad but there's also an unlisted 4 minute version which you can only access via a direct link like this one here (Which is MUCH better in my opinion) - I can't really understand why Coca-Cola would have made this unlisted except to make access to it seem more exclusive? Not sure but either way...


Happy Monday :)


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  1. Ahh the Olympics! I feel like the summer Olympics were just yesterday! xoxo A-