November 13, 2011

Undutchable: Sinterklaas & The Pietles

Leidseplein was filled with screaming, shaking or scared silent children who started in amazement at the 550 'zwarte piets' jumping around throwing candy and cookies at them before Sinterklaas arrived. We were entertained by "The Pietles" and "DJ Piesto" (har har) and 'Piets' on bicycles, rollerskates, taxis, horses and wheelbarrows. My cousin happened to be one of these 'Piets' and shocked the hell out of our 6 year old cousin by calling her by name! She's now convinced that Sinterklaas has personally read her letter to him and she can't wait to tell her friends at school. Here are some snaps of my very first Sinterklaas experience in Amsterdam! Don't have a clue what I'm on about? Check out my previous post on Sinterklaas the Dutch Superhero.

The 'Pieteplu' designed especially to catch the cookies the Piets throw in the air!


The man himself


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