November 21, 2011

Manic Monday: Standing up for Freedom

Monday's are always a little crazy for me, as I'm sure they are for most of us, so I like to start the week off with a positive post of some sort. Something funny, inspirational or cute to leave a smile on your face.

I've been seeing some great advertising campaigns recently (See my post on the controversial 'Unhate' Benetton Ads) and this video commemorating the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International is no exception. Beautiful, thought provoking and touching; this emotive piece of work takes us on a metaphorical journey showing mankind's struggle for freedom over the last half century. Produced by Prague based world-renowned international motion art production company Eallin and directed by Carlos Lascano, the music was contributed by Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer and Academy Award nominee Lorne Balfe.
Here's to freedom and a great week ahead!


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