November 22, 2011

Case Study : Where in the world is Matt Lauer?

Those of you who know me personally would agree that I get pretty excited about technology, media, gadgets, games & most things geeky. But now my geekiness has reached a new level and my blogging has led me to some awesome people who provide a platform on which this level of geekiness is socially acceptable. Recently, I've been asked to become a contributing blogger for the iStrategy blog, writing case studies on successful social media campaigns and strategies. The blog provides businesses with an idea of what it takes to make full use of social media outside of the iStrategy global digital media conference.
(What am I on about you ask? A few weeks back I won tickets to the iStrategy conference here in Amsterdam by writing a case study. Check out my previous post on Ben & Jerry's Sweet Tweets campaign)

So from now on I'll be featuring my case studies on Skip to Malou* as well, just for anyone who's interested in what is considered a good media campaign. I promise to keep the geek/techie chat to a minimum (only once a month or so) and I'll try be a bit more cool with everything else I blog about to make up for this... perhaps more on myself or fashion? :)

Just kidding, I'm definitely not cool enough for that. 

Here's my first case study on "How NBC Increased Likes, Tweets & Engagement with its 'Where in the World' Campaign". I chose this topic because I love the idea of a world wide scavenger hunt and because they ended up on our beautiful little island of Barbados! Let's hope Barbados can live up to the expectations of the show's viewers and take advantage of the free advertising and attention from the popular NBC show.

Click the video to see Matt Lauer, the new Old Spice guy.

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