October 5, 2011

Wednesday's Window to the World : Central Australia

This spot is called Ngarlikulangu and it is Emu Egg Jukurrpa (dreaming) belonging to the Warlpiri people in Central Australia. It is a gorgeous place with boulders littered around and in between giant, smooth rounded cliffs. It looks like what I imagine the world looked like when dinosaurs roamed. The story of this spot is that there was a bush turkey and an emu fighting over some yakajirri (bush berries). Both of them wanted the yakajirri and neither wanted to share. So, they fought and fought and fought; literally tearing each other apart until all of their body parts were scattered across the land. The random rocks strewn throughout the area represent the body parts of the bush turkey and the emu. In the end both were too selfish and neither ended up with any yakajirri - Mikaela Davis (2011)

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