October 10, 2011

Techno Hiatus

So this whole postgrad workload has finally caught up with me and I'm taking a break from blogging/Facebook/Twitter etc, to study! This is quite shocking really as I've never done something like this before but my daily dose of technology is going to have to backbench for a while to make way for books, readings, essays and more reading. 
(I still have a few posts scheduled though so keep your eyes peeled...)
On that note, here's an interesting TEDx (what else?) presentation by MIT professor and clinical psychologist Sherry Turkle who specialises in the relationships between people and technology and has just written a fantastic book on the subject. Not surprising that she claims we have an addiction to technology, from "phantom ringing and vibrating"(you know, when you swear your phone is vibrating in your bag/pocket even though it's not even there...) to a rising preference for virtual interaction over real time contact. Thankfully, she's optimistic: "I hate the metaphor of addiction: it implies we have to get it away, give it away, wean off. This is great stuff. It's not heroin. It's just something we need to learn to use when most appropriate, powerful, and in our best interest." 
I can relate to a few of the problems she highlights so I thought I'd put her theories to test by cutting down my techno-intake for a while...luckily this coincides with the need to buckle down and study! The video is an interesting 18 minute insight into the positive and negative effects of technology on human interaction and the shaping of a world in which we are "alone together". I've written a dumbed down summary of her ideas but I really recommend you have a look and think about why we expect more from technology and less from each other.



  1. what a great post!

    I found your blog randomly and thought I would say hi. You have such a great little spot here! Come on over and follow me on my new color inspired blog...I think you'll really like it!


  2. good for you! sometimes you gotta turn off the internet and get crap done! I'm with you.

  3. Thanks for the support ladies! we'll see how long it lasts...