October 8, 2011

Oktoberfest 2011 | Germany

Part 2 of our Oktoberfest Recap.

See Part 1 here.

We had such a great time in Munich! Lots of beer, dancing and yummy food. I loved the traditional outfits worn by young and old; everyone was in great spirits and the atmosphere was contagious! 

Our day started off with a typical Bavarian breakfast, followed by a rundown of how things work at Oktoberfest, according to a local.

Stephanie was our host and she very clearly outlined the difference between experiencing Oktoberfest as a German, versus a tourist. We were not to stand on any tables or shout anything in English (as the Americans do, apparently)! There were specific tents for 'tourists' and for locals, and we were luckily invited to participated in the local tent as we were Stephanie's guests. 

When I told my friends in Amsterdam that I was going to Oktoberfest, someone offered to lend me their 'dirndl' - a latex/plastic sex outfit that had once been used for Haloween (so they claim) It was short and tight, and I was skeptical about wearing it, but I brought it with me, because I just figured that this was what the locals wore to Oktoberfest. Needless to say, Steph was mortified when I showed her what I was planning to wear over the weekend. 

"No, no, no! You will wear one of these", she said, as she lead me in to one of her guest rooms.

There were 3 beautiful dirndls neatly lined up by her closet, each one a beautiful work of art. 

"My Grandmother made these and you can borrow one for the weekend."

I couldn't believe it - these were handmade works of art.

I chose a beautiful green dirndl with white lace and it fit like a glove! I immediately apologised and laughed at the fact that I was even considering wearing the costume that I borrowed from my friend.

I felt like a Disney princess slipping in to her magical gown when I wore the dirndl, it was so intricate and beautiful. Throughout the weekend, people kept stopping me to compliment me on it, even touching and admiring the lace apron. Many commented that they don't make dirndls like this anymore. It was such a special experience and I felt so lucky.

There are these huge tents that you have to line up to get into. Thousand of people are drinking beer by the litre inside, others are on balcony’s taking in the sunshine, and you can hear the intermittent chants of the entire tent singing their beer songs and there’s just something tribal about the way they were taking in the festivities. I know because we were locked outside such a tent, trying desperately to get in.

We finally settled on a much quieter tent with our new friend, Jerome, the X-factor contestant, and our German host Steffi. It was, apparently more “authentic” and I had a blast. Other tents were teeming with drunk teens puking and stumbling out the doors. Instead of vomiting teens, our tent served delightful braised pork and, according to reports, the best beer. I think we won overall, but really, that’s all there was to it. Pork and beer. Oh, and awesome warm roasted almonds.

Thank you Stefanie, for such a wonderful weekend. I know we were quite the handful and we really appreciate your hospitality!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love how everyone is dressed up!