September 10, 2011


Today is proof that I survived my first month in the Netherlands. This new chapter in my life has been a lot of fun so far; having to make some changes, improvements and improvisations, getting used to doing things the Dutch way.

You know you're an UnDutchable living in Amsterdam when:
  • You have to make a serious effort to limit your cheese intake to twice daily.
  • Same thing goes for mayonaise (I'd happily eat it with a spoon...)
  • A hint of sunshine makes you grin from ear to ear, even if it's still a bit chilly.
  • Wearing non-waterproof mascara is a thing of the past, as is straightening or blow drying your hair.
  • A late night cheese souffle doesn't count as one of the aforementioned two-a-day intake, that's just desert.
  • You say good bye to wearing a skirt.
  • You can suddenly understand Belgians.
  • Getting lost becomes a daily routine
Luke caught me in a very lost moment...
  • You learn to 'take off' on your bike without wobbling to much into the other lane and you feel like a star.
  • Speaking of bikes, you can now (sort of) keep up with the other Dutchies as they whiz along the bike lanes
  • You barely even notice the stench of marijuana if you pass it in the street.
Photo by Luke DeFreitas
  • Tourists start to annoy you and you curse them (in Dutch) at will (maybe even clip them with your bike if they step on to the bike lane without looking...)
  • Talking about the weather becomes a daily habit.
  • Your calf and thigh muscles are suddenly defined from biking a minimum of 40 mins a day...and this is a perfectly good excuse to eat more mayo + cheese
  • You survive your first night riding home in a storm; nearly getting knocked over by gale force winds, a tram and a drunken tourist.
  • You recognise different bridges and the canals don't all look the same anymore

Loving Amsterdam so far!


  1. Looks AMAZING! I'm so happy you are enjoying your time so far. Wish I could be back there now (minus the bike riding)!

  2. Get sorted I am coming to visit!!!