September 19, 2011

Around the World for Free : Barbados

Just found this on Crop Over Files and I had to share it!

Have you heard of CBS show Around The World for Free? It's a reality series based on the concept of whether a person can circle the globe without any money. The show follows a reality star as they somehow try to make it around the country they are visiting... WITH NO MONEY!!! They merely rely on local guides and inhabitants for basic needs.

Here's an episode of Around The World for Free: Barbados.

I love the concept of being able to travel the world relying on people's hospitality and sheer luck. I especially love that this offers a glimpse into Bajan culture ; warm people with a relaxed attitude & an appreciation for rum and good food! (I love that is also shows a Bajan male's obvious appreciation for a good looking young lady...)




This is really funny for me to watch as well as my former sailing instructor 'Wipers' is the guy who ends up talking to her about the risks of going out with the approaching weather system - I'm sure they had to censor some of this as he usually curses like a pirate!

It's a pity she didn't stay in Barbados a bit longer to experience more of what our little gem has to offer.


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