September 27, 2011

Google becomes a teenager

Google turned 13 today.

In 13 years one company has magically transformed our lives and the way we interact, educate, learn about the world and settle simple dinner table debates by "Googling it". Remember life before Google was a word in the dictionary, before Gmail, YouTube, Google Scholar and Blogger, to name a few? I recently finished reading "Googled:The End of the World As We Know It" by Ken Aletta and it was really interesting to see how Google has also influenced business structures and traditional 'office thinking' by focussing on human relationships, stimuli and creativity as the backbones of success. Before I bore all non-geeks I figured I'd acknowledge this coming of age by showing some of my favourite 'Gloodles' - the daily doodles which brighten up Google pages. Some are country specific whilst others are used globally to commemorate events and holidays. These have generated somewhat of a cult following and many people collect them. The animated ones are some of my favourite!

John Lennon's 70th Birthday - Give peace a chance.

100th Birthday of Annie M.G. Schmidt
100th Birthday of Annie M.G. Schmidt (One of my favourite Dutch children's authors)

25th Anniversary of Tetris
25th Anniversary of Tetris

40th Anniversary of Sesame Street
Pi Day
Pi Day
Jackson Pollock's Birthday - Courtesy of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation / ARS, NY
Jackson Pollock's Birthday

Martha Graham's 117th Birthday. Animated by Ryan Woodward, choreographed by Janet Eilber, and danced by Blakeley White-McGuire.



  1. Sometimes I can't imagine life without google...I dont know if that is a good or bad thing..

  2. I think it's like any technology - a good AND a bad thing. Great in so many ways depending on how you use it :) I think we should embrace new media with open arms but never lose sight of reality! X

  3. google is awesome! i honestly don't know how i ever did anything without google before, especially because i love googling things. and i always look forward to what google is up to with their designs. :)

    <3, Mimi
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