June 23, 2011

Featured Artist: Something Samarah

One of my most talented friends, Barbadian Samarah Comissiong, recently finished her BA in Ceramic Design at the prestigious Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London. Her class of 17 international students exhibited a wide range of work; from Sam's adorable jelly moulds to organic, creepy looking pieces with veins and hair. I took a few snaps and will be featuring my favourite work in the coming weeks (along with some amazing work featured in the Futuristic Textiles department) 

The artist at work - taken by Chia-Ying Lin
The decline of the sugar industry in Barbados has been the inspiration of "Sweet fa Days". Today the industry no longer has the support it needs; it can't compete with larger sugar producers on the world market, placing it under threat of extinction. Sam believes that the sugar industry is the backbone of Barbadian culture and even though it carries the weight of the negative past, there is an extraordinary beauty as a direct result of Barbados's sugar industry. Sam has created this range of products celebrating the distinction that the sugar has given Barbados in the hope of encouraging the regeneration of a dying industry.

Jelly Moulds

Part of the exhibit - using one of my photos taken at home :) 

Samarah's blog 'Something Samarah' features more of her work and the process of making these great jelly pots. I've been staying with Sam for the past month and have witnessed the process from sticky kitchen floors and a crazy lady on the verge of a breakdown, to these beautiful pieces which have been very well received so far and an artist who's started something bound to go very, very far. Good luck Sam :) 

mmmmmmm...Sugar Sticks

Sam with her work at the show :)


  1. Beautiful Samarah. Congratulations! Your genuine love for our home country has inspired a final exhibition backed by a touching story. The ceramics look fantastic, so clean, colorful and professional! Well done.

    Much love,

  2. I cannot believe that this is ceramic! Amazing work!