June 9, 2011

Festival Fever~

I’ve come down with the flu but I’m trying to will it away as I can’t afford to be sick this weekend!!! Damp tent + muddy shoes + fever spells one miserable disaster! I also have to look my best for when I meet Kings of Leon and become a groupie ~ so cliche but yet strangely appealing…
I thought I’d fill you in on some of the bands I’m going to see this weekend:
Kings of Leon ~ For those of you living under a rock, these boys are the BOMB.
Kaiser Chiefs ~ These boys are from Leeds and “Ruby” is a student’s anthem over there, usually at the end of the night and everyone screams their heads off.
Foo Fighters ~ Kasabian ~ The Script and We are Scientists, to name a few…
Originally I was meant to work this festival with Christina, who’s about 5”5 and 90 lbs. Unfortunately Chris can’t make it and I convinced my friend Dwight to work with me instead. He’s like 6”6 and 200+ lbs….all of this is key info as we’re sharing a tent. For 3 nights.
Wish me luck.

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