June 19, 2011

Camel Poo & Desert Dunes | Morocco

As we clambered onto our stinky camels I wondered how on earth I would manage for 2 hours. The camel raises its hind legs first when getting up so you lunge forward in your “seat” (an onion-ring shaped cushion which rests on the camel’s hump covered by a thick blanket) as the camel stands. The camels are much larger than I expected and I felt like Harry Potter on a Hippogriff!

Camels walk differently to horses in that their front and hind legs walk in unison - as in, both the front and back leg on the left will step forward and then both legs on the right. This causes the camel to sway from left to right and makes you bobble around like a drunk ontop. As Murray said, “This isn’t what the girls looked like on Sex and the City!” 

Our guides were local Berber boys from villages in the area and one of them came from a family of nomads who were still out in the Sahara. When chatting with Sayid later on I asked him about his family life: 

“Do you see your family often?” 
Sayid’ “Yes I go see them on some weekends and during Ramadan, Inshallah” 
“So they travel all through the Sahara?” 
Sayid: “They sometimes cross into Algeria but most of the time they stay in the desert in Morocco, Inshallah” 
“Gosh, how do you find them when you want to see them?” 
Sayid: “I call them.” 

Apparently you get excellent mobile reception in the Sahara, Inshallah.

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