May 25, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

I completely forgot to post about my Royal Wedding weekend! All of the excitement of the weekend and the No2AV campaign directly forced it to slip my mind. 
I was in England three weeks prior to the wedding and that was long enough for me to catch the wedding bug myself - as much as I hate to admit it, I was listening in to radio talk shows, discussing the possible honeymoon locations, her ring and ofcourse, her dress. Who was going to go down in history as the designer of the dress of the century?
The campaign crew drove through Westminster City the day before the wedding to catch a glimpse of what was to come. Union Jacks lined the streets, crowds were already camped outside of the palace in anticipation and the media was having a field day interviewing those who had come from afar to witness the spectacle.
I was signed up to work at a bar in Hyde Park during the wedding - little did I realise what a great location this would be! 120,000 people, fireworks, huge screens set up to watch the ceremony and live entertainment. We arrived early, it was cold and overcast and it looked like the day was doomed. The bar was quiet as everyone had brought packed lunches and pimms (so British!) and it wasn’t quite the usual ‘festival’ atmosphere - everyone was here to watch one of the biggest British events unfold with family and friends. (A quiet bar meant that we could watch the ceremony uninterrupted! :))
As the celebrities rolled into Westminster, the crowd started cheering and wooping (Especially for the Beckhams) and the flags came out. On came William and Harry, Charles and Camilla, the Queen and *Gasp* finallyyyyy, the bride! Even the large, strapping security guards and bar managers behind us were shedding a tear as they saw the beautiful Catherine step out of the car with her dad. She looked like the utlimate, modern day princess - simply stunning, elegant and regal! The crowd went wild! Finally the moment everyone was waiting for! (I also cursed quietly under my breath as I had lost a bet with friends as to who the designer would be…) 
As the boring ceremony came to an end, everyone within close proximity started sniffling and rubbing their eyes again at the sight of the new bride and groom- the future King had married his love of so many years, the future Queen Catherine! 
The pyrotechnics went off and the crowd roared, becoming a blur of Union Jack flags as watched William and Catherine drove through the streets of London in the horse drawn carriage.
The best part of being in Hyde Park was the unexpected surprise of seeing the WW2 RAF flyover come straight over our heads! Incredible! The crowd just lost it at that point; imagine the sound of the roaring planes coupled with 120,000 cheering people. It was intense!
No Royal wedding would be complete without a street party and we merrily made our way to my friend’s house in Fulham after the park. We were met by brightly decorated houses, loud music, the smell of barbecue and lots of chatty neighbours who wouldn’t normally look twice at each other. It was a great atmosphere; topped by a Trinidadian steel pan band who got the crowd moving! What a wonderful way to end such an exciting day.
Hurry up Harry, I can’t wait for all of England to be in such a great mood again!

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