August 4, 2010

Koh Phangan

I won’t bore you with the details of every party we went to the week that we were in Koh Phangan but it was great fun! We had a few sunny days as well, spent out by the pool or in the shallows of the sea. The water was beautiful and as warm as a bath!
Our resort was actually very cute, with small bungalows encircling a lovely pool and a beach bar that played Bob Marley and the Gypsy Kings on a loop!
The island didn’t really offer much besides partying and recovering from it. It reminded us a bit of Vang Vieng in Laos: a Neverland for drunken tourists but with nice beaches instead of the river.
We stayed two bays away from Haad Rin, which is where the Full Moon party is held every month. Luckily we decided not to stay in the centre of it all, as apparently people are robbed left right and centre. Rumour has it that hotel staff raid people’s rooms on the night of the party as they know everyone will be out and too drunk to notice when they get back!
The town is shabby and tacky, a cheap student’s heaven and every parent’s nightmare. Barefoot girls walk around crusted with glow paint from the night before and chatting with a guy with a “Tubing” vest top and fake dreadlocks. Every other shop sells neon t-shirts and they’re nestled between countless pharmacies and cheap restaurants. There are stray dogs roaming around and some of them look healthier than the hungover people chilling in cafes.
Sounds charming doesn’t it?

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