July 4, 2010


I am currently typing from a lounge chair beside a hotel pool which is along a river in a city called Hue, slightly sunkissed and watching the sun set over the river. We’ve just spent the afternoon lazing around with a group of girls from Newcastle with whom we’re sharing a dorm room tonight. We wanted a break from the non stop sight seeing and rushing around! We also had a horrible 13 hour bus journey over here from Hanoi and felt we deserved some much needed R&R. I never have enough room in a bus seat as it is and having two Thai men in front of us with their seats pushed all the way back doesn’t make it any more comfortable! Their heads were practically in our laps!! So we politely asked them to move their chair but this didn’t stop them from trying to move it again later on in the night…The bus drivers throughout Asia are all the same, crazyy and aggressive! So lots of beeping, accelerating and breaking suddenly, a bit of swearing and loud Vietnamese pop music blaring from the TV up front. All of this combined makes for a very slow and painful 13 hours! This city is considerably smaller and cleaner than Hanoi, the sky is actually blue! We’re going to explore the night market tonight and hopefully pick up some interesting trinkets. 

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