July 12, 2010

From blue to Orange to blue again!

So to top off a very blue day I decked myself in Orange for the World Cup Final! :) I met up with a group of Dutchies and we made our way over to a Dutch owned bar in Saigon. It was decked in streamers, balloons and flags- we even got free ‘bitter ballen’!! It was a great atmosphere, Heineken was flowing! We all know what happened in the end and when Spain scored everyone started crying. I’ve never seen grown men so upset…they were shaking from crying so much. Either they were really patriotic or they had just lost wayyy too much money! On our way home, while slamming the Spanish and cursing the referee, one of the girls had her shoulder bag stolen by a ‘motorcycle cowboy’! They’re infamous in Vietnam and one tried to steal Chris’s bag in Nha Trang too! They zip by and either snatch or cut women’s bags from their shoulders! A dramatic end to a very emotional, upsetting and disheartening day. I’m still very proud of the Dutch team and wore my $1 fake market-bought jersey with pride! HUPP HOLLAND HUPPPP!!! Next time we will be the wereldchampioen :) !!!

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