June 5, 2010

When Life gives you lemons...go to Oman and sip lemonade!

Phewwwwwwwww what a chaotic few days before I finally made it to the Middle East!
To cut a long story short, our plans were completely changed due to Chris having to re submit some courseowrk and I couldn’t stay in London any longer (way too expensive and Alex had to study for an exam!) so I needed to get my butt out of there.I had the choice of:

 a.) Going to Thailand for two weeks by myself and waiting for Chris there, or

b.) Going to visit Ema in Oman! 

Which would you choose?

So off I went on May 31st from London Heathrow. I had to keep my original booking and fly to Bangkok, to then fly back to Oman! 

What’s even more annoying is that I had to fly through Muscat to get to Bangkok! So for 3 hours I sat in Muscat International Airport contemplating the effects of running out of the airport and ignoring the boarding call completely. But I’m too much of a goody-two-shoes for that (Plus, there were a few movies on Oman Air that I wanted to see) so I sat back down in the plane, knowing that the next 24 hours were a complete waste of time.
Luckily, when I landed in Bangkok I overheard 4 English students complaining about having to wait for 12 hours in the airport to catch a flight to Vietnam. My ears perked up and I immediately became a tag along. I got a taste of Thai-English as I tried to explain to the immigration officer that I was infact only spending 12 hours at the airport, to then fly back to Muscat. Did it make sense to him? Of course not! I could as well have worn a clown suit and screamed out that I was a drug smuggler.
You start to feel very sorry for yourself when you’re sitting in an airport for 12 hours, with 4 people you have very little in common with besides the fact that you’re travelling on a budget. (And, funnily enough, we knew some mutual people! Small world.) Two cokes, four magazines, a very overpriced dinner and some funny tasting Oreos later, I was on my way back to Muscat.

View of 'The World as I flew over Dubai
Finally, FINALLY, after 36 hours, 3 countries and over 9,000 air miles later…I made it to Oman :)

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