June 7, 2010

Hello Dubai!

On Sunday we made our way over to Dubai so that Ema could find a dress for her 21st birthday on Wednesday :) What should have taken 4 hours ended up taking us 6, because of flooding in Oman and strict border control in UAE. I was sooo excited! It felt like Christmas in the desert! And my blackberry had signal again! YES! Was feeling rather lost without it. It refuses to roam in Oman for some reason. 

Finally the famous skyline was a silhouette in the distance, with the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai dwarfing everything else! 

We drove in at sunset and headed straight for the Palms Jemirah, where a friend of Tom’s lives. What luck huh? It was just incredible. I felt like a kid in a really big, expensive sweet shop. I kept telling Ema ‘I can’t believe I’m here! Look at this! Look at that!’ Its crazy to think that over 10 years ago none of this existed. For all the Bajans, imagine Port St.Charles but 1,000 times bigger and with more modern apartments. After a couple of drinks in the apartment, we went to the Atlantis Hotel for a boogie in a club at the top. Not the wildest night of my life but I was just happy to be there and look around :) In Dubai the weekend is Friday till Saturday, so the club was as dead as a regular Monday would be to us! 

Today we shopped till we nearly dropped (literally, Ema was a little worse for wear and we got her a wheel chair to use at the mall!) 

But we managed to find her a dress! :) After standing next to the tallest building in the world and the biggest aquarium in the world (inside one of the biggest malls in the world) and shopping with one of the most hungover people in the world today, we’re all looking forward to a good night’s sleep!

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