June 29, 2010

Bye Bye for now Bangkok!

Before we left Bangkok we visited th Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddha. The Palace is really beautiful with different architectural styles used in different compounds within the palace. I wore a cotton blouse and black leggings to cover myself up but as we entered I was told that leggings were ‘too sexy’ and I needed to cover up! Luckily they leant out sarongs for women to borrow and track pants for men. I looked like a very confused individual (my outfit didn’t match!!) And it was boiling hot! We dashed in between the buildings and the temples were a cool oasis! There’s the Emerald Buddha here which is very famous in Thailand and the temple was crowded with people paying their respects, placing lotus flowers in golden basins at the foot of the altar. The buddha is actually solid jade and is about 3 feet tall but it’s placed on an enormous altar which also has other buddha images around it. It was very peaceful, cool and relaxing within that temple. The detail on every wall is just incredible, with each square foot of mural representing a different chapter in Buddha’s life. 

*More photos to follow!

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