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Whats is Crop Over all about?

Barbados used to be the largest producer of sugar in the world, and the Crop Over celebration marked the end of the sugar cane season. This event died out as the sugar industry declined, and was brought back to life in the 1970's, as an international event inspired by Carnival. This is the Crop Over event we know today!

What's the difference between Crop Over and Kadooment?

Grand Kadooment is the actual Carnival day itself, whereas Crop Over is the entire 'season' of festivities, which runs from May - August. 

When should I book?

Since Crop Over has been growing in popularity and becomes more commercialised, the cost of Crop over rises with it. Tickets are hot during this time and it is therefore recommended that you book up to a year in advance, or as the case may be for a few lucky friends, you may be able to find a last minute deal. It becomes harder to find tickets for parties, book costumes and accommodation the closer you get to Kadooment though, so be aware of that when planning.

How do I get to Barbados?

There are a number of daily flights from international airports; namely London, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and New York. Airlines include JetBlue, WestJet, Air Canada, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook, British Airways, Condor and Avianca.

Regionally, you can find flights from Caribbean Air, TSA and LIAT.

Where do I stay?

There are a number of accommodations to chose from according to your budget and location preference. The West Coast is more expensive than the South coast, and the East coast is rather remote, especially considering most Crop Over activities will be more 'central' (West and South) AirBnb is also a great option that is a growing industry in Barbados, so I highly recommend you check that out, especially if you're travelling with a group!

Here are a few of my personal preferences:

Hotels, Apartments and Villas

  • Coconut Court Hotel
  • Mango Bay Hotel
  • All Seasons Resort
  • Leith Court (South Coast) available via Airbnb
  • Regent Apartments (Sunset Crest) 

Where can I see the Crop Over Schedule?

Bazodee releases a schedule of parties and events every year, which you can check out here.

Where can I hear the latest Crop Over music?

DJ Private Ryan is usually the best source for the latest music, but you can also check out 95.3 (A local Barbadian radio station) and Crop Over [year] on YouTube.

Where do I buy my party tickets?

Unfortunately, there isn't one central location for ALL of the Crop Over fetes however, here are two ticket platforms that list quite a number of the parties:
Most parties are also promoted through 'committee members' and are quite exclusive as a result, so if you can, try to ask a local to arrange tickets for you.

Where can I buy my costume?

Most bands have their own websites, where you can usually pay the deposit online and then the remainder in full in person when you collect your costume. Some bands sell out the night of their launch though, so it's best to try to connect with someone in the island who can put your name down for you as soon as possible.
Do I need to wear an itty bitty costume?

This is a legit concern for a lot of people and the answer is no! Most bands have started featuring more creative and covered costumes, and some even offer a more covered alternative to the regular bottoms and tops. Personally, I like to tweak my costume so that it has some more beading and coverage, which can be done once you collect your costume!

What else do I need to pack?

Gentlemen, you can pack a few swimsuits, sunblock (no matter your skin colour, you will burn!), a pair of running shoes for Kadooment day and a fresh outfit for every party you plan to attend. Don't forget to pack an old pair of shorts for J'ouvert!

Ladies, I've put together this open source Crop Over packing list for you, since we usually pack a bit more than the guys.

Where can I book my Kadooment make-up?

I did a blog post listing all of the best make up artists in Barbados. Just like everything else, the sooner you book these ladies the better.

What if I want to bring my kids to Barbados for Crop Over?

Great! There's Kiddies Kadooment for children the week before the Grand Kadooment and your kids will love you for bringing them down to the beach for the summer. 

I run a local babysitting and nannying agency called Island Sitters who can arrange babysitters and holiday nannies. We have some great Crop Over packages, which include overnight specials, so that you can sleep in/recover from your parties knowing that your kids are being taken care of. You can also rent baby equipment through Baby Gear Barbados.

What else is there to do when I don't want to party?

You'll want to sleep, eat and relax! There are so many things to do in Barbados, so I suggest you check out my post on Top Things to do in Barbados.  Favourites include:
What is Carnival Chasing?

Once you've experienced your first Crop Over or Carnival, you'll be looking for your next fix. Trust this coming from someone who's done Trinidad Carnival, Kadooment and Notting Hill Carnival in one year. Thousands of people travel worldwide throughout the year to experience one carnival after another, from Trinidad to Jamaica, Hollywood, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, St. Vincent, Grenada, Berlin, UK and of course Toronto. 

Where is the best beach to recover on after a Crop Over party?
  • Beach Club at Copacabana
  • Cruising Club
  • The Boatyard
  • Ju Ju's
  • Accra Beach

Any more questions? Let me know in the comments below or drop me a note on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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