June 11, 2018

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism tips from Female Travel Bloggers

The average traveler is often shocked to learn about the many ways in which their travel impacts locals, natural resources, and wildlife. Being a responsible traveler that books sustainable and responsible tourism and travel experiences starts with making yourself aware, questioning options available to you, and then prioritising who, where, and what you book. In the end, you can take a vacation that is not only low impact, sustainable, and supportive, but will also be enhanced by your choices.

I contributed to a great list of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Tips from Female Travel Bloggers, as part of a community of female travel bloggers who have been emphatic and active advocates for sustainable travel options, seeking to inform and educate one reader and traveler at a time about ways in which they can minimize their impact on local communities, the environment, and wildlife all while still exploring the world. 

We see the harmful environmental impact of tourism on a daily basis in Barbados, but luckily there are small actions that you can take to reduce your ecological footprint on the natural environments and the resources of the countries that you visit.

For example, travel with your own reusable straw, water bottle, cutlery, and bags, so that you don’t end up using single-use/disposable items which end up in the local landfill or waterways (or worse, in the stomachs of marine life!).
On small islands like Barbados that are heavily dependent on tourism, we import most of our food. By choosing locally produced food where possible and buying fruit and vegetables that are in season, visitors can help reduce enormous transport costs resulting from importing produce.

Using environmentally friendly products such as reef safe sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner can also significantly reduce the number of harmful chemicals in the oceans, lakes, and ponds.

Ladies, we can also reduce our impact on a monthly basis by using environmentally friendly period products – such as menstrual cups and reusable pads.

These are just some of the sustainable travel tips that you can use to reduce your impact on the ecosystems that you visit – Let’s use travel to sustain the world, not destroy it!

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  1. Just clicked through and read the article - really great tips to consider! After a friend broke down the negative impact of plastic water bottles on the earth, I got a stainless steel bottle and have been refilling it/ taking it with me wherever for the past year. I used to gravitate to plastic water bottles out of convenience but I've learned that using my own water bottle is just as convenient, if not more.

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