March 6, 2018

Best Places to Work Remotely in Barbados

While I was researching and putting together my post on the best Coffee and WiFi Spots in Barbados, I stumbled across some great spots in Barbados where you’re welcome to sit and work. From tropical beach settings to corporate co working spaces, this list might just change your remote working experience all together.

With more people remote working, co-working, freelancing and becoming self-employed than ever, I'm highlighting some of the best restaurants, cafes and hotspots in Barbados where the wifi is free and your laptop will always be welcome. 

I don't think many remote workers need reminding, but please make sure to support all of these businesses when using their space, especially the restaurants. Make sure to visit during the quieter periods if you're not buying a meal, and always, always buy at least a drink if you're there for an hour or two. Don't just take up space!

Check out the live Google map at the bottom of this post to see exactly where everything is located and let me know if you get a chance to visit! 

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