January 5, 2018

A few favourites

I love discovering new profiles/websites/blogs/books so I'm starting a fun little bi weekly (or randomly, you know how I roll) feature where I share a little shot of inspiration of a few things that I love.
Some are beautiful, some are inspiring, some are silly, some are thought provoking and they all inspire or excite me in one way or another. 
In our over saturated media world, it's nice to come across people who are standing out above the noise, offering something unique, even if it's just a beautiful photo of a new place I have yet to discover. Most of these offer something more though, which is why I feel the need to share it with you, dear reader, in case you're looking for some inspiration or just a break from the repetitive social media rat race.

Feel free to let me know about any social media accounts that you love to follow!

Glo from The Blog Abroad

Not only is Glo hilarious, but her blog digs deep and talks about a number of issues that other blogs don't dare delve in to, such as "My thoughts on the lack of colour in the travel industry."
You can check out her viral publications here, but I also highly recommend that you check out her Insta stories for a good laugh (with her, not at her) and beautiful photos from around the world.

Edible, hypercompostable straws

Plastic Pollution is an issue that we are literally faced with on a daily basis in Barbados, as we have hundreds of thousands of visitors sucking on plastic straws and locals using more plastic bags than they know what to do with. Unfortunately most of them end up in the ocean, entangled in our reefs and even worse; impacting our marine life. I try to live as sustainably as possible (though there is always room for improvement) so it's super exciting to see the Loli brand taking this to another level. The fact that it's powered by two young female entrepreneurs makes it even more badass.

LOLISTRAW is the world’s first edible, hypercompostable straw aimed at replacing the 500M plastic straws used every day in the US (and the millions used worldwide!)

World Tourism Organisation Publication: Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals – Journey to 2030, Highlights

This isn't particularly glamorous or visual, but sustainable tourism is my jam so I'm pretty excited about this publication, which highlights the links between tourism and the SDGs and provides recommendations on how to steer the road towards 2030.

The ultimate goal is to build knowledge, empower and inspire tourism stakeholders to take necessary action to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable tourism sector by aligning policies, business operations and investments with the SDGs. You can download the book here.

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