January 2, 2018

12 Book Reading Challenge

The amazing Adventurous Kate just shared this fantastic 12-Book Reading Challenge for the New Year.

The Challenge: 12 Books in 2018 ­čôÜ

One per month. 12 books is fairly achievable for most busy people!

Now, here’s the twist: they all need to be themed! 

Because reading twelve books is great, but reading twelve books with the same theme is fun and gives you continuity for 2018.

Kate is choosing 12 books from countries whose authors she's never read before. I recommended the following Caribbean works for her to check out:

- In the Castle of my Skin by Barbadian George Lamming
- Wide Sargasso Sea by Dominica-born British author Jean Rhys
- White Woman on the Green Bicycle by Trinidadian-born British writer Monique Roffey (which I've written about before)
- Anything by Saint Lucian poet and playwright Derek Walcott

I'm going to read books written by women I admire, as this in line with some of my personal resolutions for 2018. 

I'm starting off with Shonda Rhimes' "Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person." Shonda’s sister laid down a challenge: just for one year, try to say YES to the unexpected invitations that come your way. Shonda reluctantly agreed―and the result was nothing short of transformative. In Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes chronicles the powerful impact saying yes had on every aspect of her life―and how we can all change our lives with one little word. Yes.

After a really shitty end to 2017, I needed something to kick off my year on a positive note. I'm also looking to 'A Year of Reading the World' list compiled by Ann Morgan, who spent a year reading a book from every country in the world, as well as this list of 60 Great Business and Leadership Books, All Written by Women.

Do you have any books you would recommend that are written by badass, female role models?

I'd love to update this blog as I go along and to share updates on the challenge, so please feel free to share any recommendations with me throughout the year.


Books read so far:

- Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
- We Were the Lucky Ones  by Georgia Hunter
- Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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