April 24, 2017

Blogger Balance

It's been a hectic but lovely few weeks; from a quick New York minute, to celebrating Passover in New Jersey, visiting friends in LA and a PG visit to Vegas, I have quite a few travel stories and snaps to share on this old bloggaroo.

Something that struck me most over the course of this last trip, was that I was initially pressuring myself to try to capture every moment, in a bid to be a better blogger. I had committed myself to trying to be more consistent with my posts and to stick to certain themes with my photos in the last month, yet I felt really stressed out trying to take photos and think about what I was going to post during our trip. 

Within a day or two, I decided I needed to focus on being present and actually enjoy myself, without worrying too much about my social media game. In the end I stuck to Insta stories (because it didn't require much editing) and only shared a few photos over the course of 3 weeks. Does that make me a bad blogger? Probably. But I needed the break from my phone, and now I have an amazing catalogue of photos and videos that I can edit at my own pace. 

Any other bloggers out there feel me on this? How do you balance being present and capturing enough to engage your followers?

Can't wait to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you all, but in the mean time, you can say hello on Insta, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Sometimes a little bit of a break is a very necessary and completely okay thing!!