February 20, 2017

Magical Mexico

Our first trip for 2017 was nothing short of magical: Mexico is incredible!

From the delicious food, to the beautiful weather, historical sights and natural beauty to the friendly people, we were unexpectedly blown away in a short space of time.

I'll be honest, Mexico was not really on my list of top places to visit because when you live on a tropical island, visiting another tropical destination isn't the first thing that comes to my mind. 

Having said that, when I was offered the opportunity to join J on a business trip to Playa Del Carmen, I immediately jumped on the chance and started doing some research. Shark diving, cenote swimming and Mayan ruins? Yes pleeeeeeease!

Though we were staying at an all inclusive resort with a loose schedule of business obligations, I knew that our trip was going to be packed with local activities based on recommendations from friends who had visited the area recently.

Disclaimer: I know this sounds incredibly bratty, but all-inclusives aren't really our jam, for a number of reasons. All-inclusives feel like a little bubble and you can easily lose out on actually experiencing the country that you visit. We tend to seek out smaller scale experiences, like Airbnb or boutique hotels when we travel, because we like to explore and discover more about the destination and local cultures. Food is a huge part of our travel experience, and we like to try as many local dishes as possible. Our hotel had delicious, fresh and locally sourced food, but nothing beats street food or discovering a hidden gem. I also felt slightly ill knowing that so much food was going to be wasted after seeing the vast piles of food leftover at the end of every buffet meal. I can appreciate the appeal of an all-inclusive package and not having to think about daily costs and spending during a holiday, but the environmental and community impact of all-inclusives is a great concern for me. Coming from an island that is heavily dependent on tourism, we have seen our fair share of all-inclusives (and there are many examples of responsible, sustainable all-inclusive resorts) however, this concept is not for me, personally. I feel dishonest talking about our trip without putting that out there first.

What are your thoughts on all-inclusive travel? 

With all of that said, we made a point of exploring as much as possible and Mexico did not disappoint.

When we were invited on this trip, J was given a little nudge to finalllllly get PADI certified beforehand, so that we could dive together during this trip; we weren't going to pass on the opportunity to dive in one of the most beautiful spots in the world! Shark diving was top of our list of things to do and we loved it.

This post is a bit of a teaser and I apologise, but the thought of recapping our entire trip is quite daunting so I'm trying to break it down as much as possible...

I'll be sharing our shark diving experience shortly, as well as our visit to the Mayan ruins in Tulum and snorkeling expedition in the Cenotes. Stay tuned!

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