February 21, 2017

Lucky Number Seven

Seven is one of my lucky numbers, so I'm working on creating as much as possible this year. 2017 has started off on a great note for me personally, so I want to transfer some of that positive energy to various projects and passions throughout the year.

For Skip to Malou, I want to focus on travelling and exploring more, both locally and internationally. Travelling is one of my favourite hobbies, and luckily I have a partner who is just as excited to hop on a plane as I am, so we have some cool trips lined up this year which I plan to share on here, as well as recaps of previous trips that I haven't shared as yet. 

That said, Barbados has a lot to offer and I don't think that I'm doing this island any justice by just posting beautiful photos of the beach and ocean. There is so much much more to see and do, and I want to share more of that on here. 

I've been working on re structuring, re strategising and re connecting with the blogging community this year - for both my business blogs and my personal blog.

My first step in this process of was to connect with fellow bloggers and business owners across various platforms. I've joined a number of awesome groups on Facebook, all of which are very informative and inspiring and I have already learned so much from them! So far some of my favourites are:

My second step was start sharing more and also follow more people who inspire me to either travel or up my social media game. Some of my favourites so far are:

Do you have any other travel and lifestyle blogs you would like to recommend? Please let me know!

Over the course of this year you'll see some changes and improvements to this blog, and I look forward to getting feedback and suggestions along the way.

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