August 11, 2015

Crop Over Chronicles: Kadooment 2K15

We joined Baje International on the road again this year and absolutely loved it

I was less than impressed with my costume though, since it was tinier than anything I have ever worn before and I didn't get any feathers as part of the package. Serves me right for waiting until the last minute to book my costume I guess. I was also slightly concerned that J's male costume was more elaborately designed than mine...

I spent the week before Kadooment stressing about what I was going to wear on the road and ended up buying a sequinned leotard [because those are obviously readily available during Crop Over!] and sprucing up a friends' old feather collar. Apparently it's really difficult to smuggle feathers into the country because they're from China, who knew? I didn't really care that I didn't match perfectly, once I was covered and as glittery as possible! I think I may have overdone it on the feathers though, as I was o obnoxious people hitting others across the face with my feathers every time I turned around...#paradiseproblems

Cool, rainy weather + great friends + plenty tuuuunes + Machel performing on the road = epic Kadooment!

Here are some snapshots from the roadddddddddd:

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