July 10, 2015

Island Diaries: East Coast Explorin'

On Wednesday afternoon I took my Trini friend Shenelle and our pooch Jouvert to see the rugged East Coast of the island. The entire coastline is currently blanketed in sargassum seaweed, and though it is a huge environmental issue that is causing serious damage to our marine life and to our tourism industry, I couldn't help but find these scenes quite beautiful. The colour of the sargassum ranges from light, mustard yellow to a rich copper (and even black once it starts to decay).  Cattlewash was once a treasure chest of shells and other beautiful beachy bits, but sadly all I collected that day was garbage.  It freaks me out to see so much plastic littering the shoreline and I collected three 'hauls' of garbage in just over an hour. It's so gross! I found about 16 plastic bottles, pieces of fishing rope/nets, Styrofoam pieces and other random bits of plastic containers and a lot of it gets tangled in the seaweed so it's even harder to clean it up now. 

I also took on the challenge of trying to get Jouvert to pose for a photo, using her tennis ball. Let me tell ya, this was no easy feat! For some reason she absolutely hates the camera and refuses to look at it, but she loves her ball, so we quickly figured a way around this.

Ain't nothing better than the salty wind in your face to relax you at the end of the day and I only wish I could do it more often, seaweed and all.

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