May 31, 2015

Monthly Recap: May 2015


At the beginning of this year, two very important people in my life relocated to California and it threw me for a loop. It felt (and still does sometimes) feel like a very amicable break up; no bitter feelings whatsoever, yet a very uncomfortable feeling of getting used to a new situation and life without them in it all day, every day.

Since their departure, I noticed that my life to work ratio was slowly declining to 20:80. I've thrown myself into various projects and traveling meant I was missing out on birthday celebrations and other events with people I care about.

You know it's bad when you finally go to a party and people are asking you if you still live in Barbados...

This past month I spent a lot of time reconnecting with important people in my life and socializing a bit more. It felt so great and reassuring to catch up with friends old and new, almost like putting myself out there as a single person going on nice dates.

A friend of mine once posted that "Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe" and it's so true.

I've really resonated with this feeling of surrounding myself with people who are positive and make me happy, but also motivate me to be a better person, whether that's by making me aware of something about myself directly or by inspiring me with what they do. This seems so obvious, yet so many of us don't really assess our friendships or connections in that way, but I'm making a conscious effort to surround myself with the right 'tribe' for me, whether they're friends, mentors, acquaintances or role models. So far, it's been a pretty great process. 


This month also saw J and I finally move out of our cottage. This has been a very arduous process for both of us, mainly due to the amount of stuff we [by 'we' I mean 'HE' but he'll get annoyed if I write that] both accumulated over time, but we finally did it!

Let me tell ya, there's nothing as 'cleansing' as doing a mammoth spring cleaning! I got rid of bags of clothes, which prompted me to schedule a post about local charities and initiatives that will gladly take your stuff and distribute it to people who need it.

This also contributed to the lack of social life, as we ended up spending weekends packing and relocating said stuff. We lived in a cottage located on the corner of his parents' property, and we've moved alllllll the way to the other side of the same property into a converted barn that his parents' use as a guest house. The plan is to renovate the cottage over the summer and move back in in (fingers crossed) a few months, but everything in Barbados works on 'island time' so we'll see how it goes...

Stay tuned for 'cottage diaries' or something equally as dramatic as this new adventure into the unknown world of construction unfolds.

All of the chaos mentioned above also means that I've been a pretty terrible blogger, though this isn't anything new. I'm keeping my promise of blogging when the time is right! 

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to in June:

1. Getting in shape: Kadooment countdown has begun!
2. Getting my feet wet with a new charity project that I'm working on
3. Making more of an effort to keep in touch with my friends overseas
4. Confirming & sharing travel plans for the rest of the year

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