March 23, 2015


What about a photo inspires you to love the world? I am so excited to see my photo of an unforgettable meal in Vietnam pop up on the BBC Travel 50 reasons to ‪#‎Lovetheworld‬ page! This is a really interesting project that the BBC recently launched: they asked a range of people, from writers and chefs to musicians and photographers, to share one experience that truly inspired them – something that, in no uncertain terms, reminded them why they love the world. Madly. Check out these amazing experiences & mind blowing travel photos and share the love!

My caption reads: Because they giggled at my blonde hair as I walked by, but then offered to share their lunch of boiled, seasoned snails with me once I stopped to inquire what it was that they were eating. This was one of the best meals I've ever had; their kindness was genuine and they were just as curious as I was. 
#Lovetheworld ‪#‎BBCTravel‬

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