January 31, 2015

Island diaries: Exploring the wild 'North'

With Sheena's departure for San Francisco drawing closer, I managed to convince a group of my nearest and dearest to take the afternoon off on Friday and go explore the 'North' of  the island. 

Not only was it a chance to tick a few items off of Sheena's 'Barbados Buckelist' but for me to take some much needed photos in keeping with one of my New Years resolutions to make more of an effort with documenting island life. It was slightly overcast, and the clouds helped set the mood for the photos. I may have gone overboard with the editing, but I quite like the feeling of these snaps.

First, we checked out the new Animal Flower Cave, which is being re developed and is due to open fully next month. I got quite excited by their playground because it's a perfect spot for families to spend the afternoon with their little ones, so I made a mental note to write about it on the Island Sitters page.

Next up was the abandoned North Point Resort, which was a popular hangout for most of our Bajan parents back in the 1960's. The Olympic sized swimming pool was ahead of the times and my Dad has vivid memories of psyching himself up to actually jump off of the towering diving board.

It was abandoned almost a decade later I believe, and time has slowly eaten away at it. There's something really creepy and cool about this place, with it's hallow shell, overgrown grounds and cracked walls. It would make an awesome movie set!

Last but not least, we ended off our tour with a stop in Pico Teneriffe, with a slight diversion thanks to the cows making their turf.

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